Week 7: Something fishy

Day 47: Dived off diving blocks

I didn’t learn to swim until I was 9. I spent my early years in Wales where swimming lessons weren’t given much priority. Even though we lived in a small coastal town, when we went to the beach we paddled in rock pools or wore rubber rings to keep us afloat!

When my family immigrated to South Africa I was certainly in the minority, as most kids had been swimming since they could walk. It didn’t take long to learn to swim, and I am a fairly competent swimmer these days. I had however, up until day 47 never dived off starting blocks. It’s not something I was worried about doing, but rather something I had never had occasion to try.diving-blocks

A quick trip to the local Olympic swimming pool with my son, and it was my turn to try diving off blocks. I must say it wasn’t a particularly momentous event. I stood on the blocks, goggles in place, looked around to make sure no one was watching (just in case I belly flopped!). I needn’t have worried – no one was interested in the middle aged woman on the diving blocks! One average dive later, goggles now around my mouth, I was in the water.

 Day 48: First time cooking and eating fish curry (Ooh, and inventing my own recipe!)

I love curry and I love fish but have somehow never had fish curry before. While my dinner on day 48, may not have been a curry by traditional standards (it was my own concoction) it was curry-ish and definitely fishy, so I am calling it a fish curry!

You may recall I have been following a ketogenic eating plan over the last few days, so I came up with my own recipe in keeping with the low carb, high fat guidelines keto plans prescribe.

Steph’s Keto fish currySteph's Fish Curry

1 piece white fish (I used Barramundi)
1tbs coconut butter
1tbs cream
1tsp garam marsala
3tsp curry powder
Stevia to taste
½ cup water
2 cups baby spinach

Add coconut butter, cream, garam marsala and curry powder to a shallow frying pan and cook for 3 minutes, stirring continuously. Then add water and a few drops of stevia and bring to the boil. Allow to simmer, add fish and spinach and cook for 5-10 minutes until fish is done. Voila!

Day 49: Fed a child for a whole day for just 50c US

I find it difficult to comprehend that we live in a world where people still die of starvation. It seems  downright preposterous  that in some parts of the world we have so much food we end up throwing it away, when in others there isn’t enough to go around. That’s why I think the World Food Progarmme’s Share the Meal app is such a wonderful idea. And why I downloaded it and used if for the first time on day 49.

It’s a simple idea, donate as little as 50c US by tapping a button. Whenever you are out on the town having a restaurant or take away meal, share it with a hungry child. For more information check out their website and download the app.

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