Week 7, days 43- 46: Climbing the walls

I’m half way through week 7 and (quite by accident) the theme seems to be health and fitness. From dancing in video arcades and climbing the walls, to oily cups of coffee I’ve been experiencing the more active side of things the last few days.

Day 43: Arcade Dance Game

I remember watching a movie (I forget which one now) where a couple of girls were killing it on an arcade dance machine. Ever since then I have wanted to give it a go but, for fear of looking ridiculous, and because I don’t go to video arcades, it’s something I never thought I would get around to trying. Until day 43.

I spent most of Sunday morning at the local TimeZone video arcade where we held my son’s birthday party. I’m not much of a gamer, never have been really, but this was the perfect opportunity for me to try my luck on an arcade dance machine.

The lucky machine in question was Pump it Up Prime (which I have, of course never heard of – then again I wouldn’t know the names of many arcade games, except Pacman or Donkey Kong!) Video arcade games these days aren’t coin operated so I cajoled my son into using one of his credits to give me a go on the dance machine. One swipe later and I was good to go!

What they fail to show in the movies, is that the riotous din of the accumulated video games and excited kids drowns out the music played by the dance arcade game. I couldn’t hear any music and only realised the game had started once the flashing arrows and ‘you missed!’ popped up on screen. Mind you, the problem could have been that my hearing is not as good as your average teenager’s, and not that the (not so) ambient noise is deafening! Either way, my feeble attempt at keeping up with the dance moves was almost laughable. I definitely did not pull of the killer moves I had so many times before in my head. On the bright side, no-one seemed to notice my pitiful attempt at conquering Pump it Up Prime so my dignity is still intact. (Hubby took the photo’s but had the good grace – or good sense? –  not to comment on my dismal display).

Day 44: Virtually carb free day

I’ve been complaining about my weight for a few years now (I think I mentioned in a previous post it takes me a fair bit of time to get my A into G!) and today I decided to do something about it. Something radically different.

Last year I tried conventional dieting and exercise– but after 2 months, of hitting the gym daily, restricting my calorie intake and only drinking alcohol on the weekends (now that was the hardest part of all!) I didn’t lose a single kilo. Needless to say, chronic demotivation set in and I went back to my old ways.

A few months ago I started reading up on the ketosis diet (or keto for short), where you increase your fat intake and severely restrict your carb intake. This diet encourages the body to start using fat as fuel by way of ketones (read all about it here) instead of carbohydrates (glycogen) which is the bodies’ preferred fuel. The keto diet prescribes an eating plan where 60-75% of your calories come from fat, 15-30% from protein and 5-10% from carbohydrates. As a bona fide bread, biscuit, pasta, cake, chocolate, beer (the list goes on) lover, I’ve never deliberately avoided eating carbs before. This just might be the thing my body needs to kick start some weight loss.

And if not, at the very least, severe carb restriction is another new experience I have had this year!

Day 45: Bulletproof coffee

Have you heard about bulletproof coffee? It’s touted by the keto crowd as a wonder breakfast, so I thought I’d give it a try.

Breakfast is certainly not my favourite meal of the day. I get up at 5.30am most mornings and find it difficult to eat at that time. I usually have a protein, banana and berry smoothie for breakfast, (it’s somehow easier to drink at that time of the morning than eat!) but as I am trying keto, bananas and berries are off the menu.

The recipe I used for bulletproof coffee recipe was a modified one, with half the amount of fats in it. Bulletproof coffee is usually made with 2 tablespoons of butter and coconut oil, however advocates of the drink recommend starting off slowly and working your way up. Also coconut oil has a laxative effect and too much too soon, will keep you on the loo!

Modified bulletproof coffee recipe

1 cup coffee
1tbs unsalted butter
1tbs coconut oil
1tbs double cream

Blend and enjoy.

Now it may sound like a greasy mess (I’ll admit I wasn’t sure whether I’d like it) but it is actually quite palatable. Remember though, bulletproof coffee is recommended on the keto diet – it is very high in fat and comes in at about 280 calories, so don’t have it with your morning croissant or porridge!

Day 46: Climbfit class

I’ve been thinking about trying a variety of different exercise classes this year as I complete my challenge of doing something I’ve never done before, every day. So on Wednesday night I went to my first climbfit class. Held at the local indoor climbing centre, the class consisted of (yes, you guessed it) indoor rock climbing and various strengthening and stretching exercises.

This is  not me but the climbfit instructor, and my mate, barefoot and on the wall.

The class I attended was specifically for beginner’s who had never climbed before, and started with basic belaying instruction, so if we came off the wall, we wouldn’t come crashing down to the ground! Once we were safely harnessed, clipped to the ropes, and given wedgies (I kid you not. When the guide ropes are pulled tight, the harness digs right into your under carriage!) we had a quick attempt at climbing the wall. Then on to some strength exercises –3 rounds of push ups (aagh!) squats, plank holds and similar, before heading back to the climbing wall. This time we had 3 minutes each to get to the top as quickly and as many times as we could. Some of us, including yours truly, couldn’t quite get past the half way point before needing to be lowered back to the ground.

Despite my lack of climbing prowess, however, I really enjoyed the class. And as I type this blog post my poor arms and shoulders are acutely remembering my first climbfit class. Have you ever tried an unusual or unique exercise class? Tell us all about it in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.

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