Week 5, Days 29 – 32: A mixed bag of new things

It’s February already and I am feeling pleased with myself for sticking to my resolution for a whole month. To date I have had 32 new experiences this year!

I may not have mentioned it yet, but I am a bit of a procrastinator. I’m the sort of person who thinks of doing something, decides to do it one day… then doesn’t do anything for ages. (I’m pretty amazed I got this blog up and running on such short notice!) My 1 thing new on day 29 is a typical example of this.

Early last year I read about the benefits of drinking matcha, a powdered green tea (great for weight loss and various other stuff!). It took me a few months before I purchased some matcha powder and then a few weeks later I bought a Japanese tea bowl, bamboo chashaku (spoon) and chasen (whisk). But it took me until Sunday to make my first cup (bowl) of matcha!

I don’t know why it took me so long to try the tea – it’s simple to make and quite delicious! The trick is (apparently) using hot not boiling water. Water should be 80oC but if, like me you don’t have one of those fancy multi-temperature kettles you can use 1 part cold water to 2 parts boiling water. Use 1-2 teaspoons of matcha, add your hot water and whisk in a zigzag with your chasen until frothy.matcha

Day 30: Become a photo contributor on Shutterstock

I recently read an article somewhere on passive income streams. One of the recommendations was selling your digital photographs to online stock libraries. These libraries then pay you a commission on any of your images that are purchased for use. I (somewhat misguidedly) thought it would be a good idea to sign up as a contributor to Shutterstock, perhaps one of the most well-known online stock photo libraries. I say misguidedly as my photography skills are average at best.

Nevertheless, I set up my account and read the contributor guidelines…and took the plunge, uploading one of my better holiday snaps. Before an image is accepted by Shutterstock they send it to be reviewed for quality. My photo is currently ‘under review’ and I must admit, I am expecting it to be rejected. But as my Mum always used to say “nothing ventured, nothing gained!”shutterstock

Day 31: I saw the whole of the moon (well part of it anyway)

Santa brought our darling son a telescope for Christmas, but it has taken me until the last day of January to actually use it. In our house I am the instruction reader and sorter outer, so as I hadn’t got around to reading the guide, no one had used the telescope.

Last night I grabbed the instructions (which quite frankly were way too brief) and attempted to use the telescope. These things are far harder to use than they look! If you think you can just point at an object and look at it through the eye-piece, think again.  It took me about half an hour to find the moon and when I did, it kept moving out of view!

Anyway, much frustration and many mozzie bites later, I did zero in on the lunar body. For the 5 minutes I had it in my view, it was quite a spectacular sight. There is a haunting luminosity to the surface of the moon. It is a bright white, quite unlike anything I’ve seen before. Tinkering with the knobs, I was able to focus in on the craters and it was really exciting. I called hubby and darling son to come and have a look. Only slightly impressed by my ability to zero in on the celestial body, they weren’t particularly careful with the telescope and nudged the eye-piece so I lost the moon! I’ll have to do some more research, as I am sure there must be an easier way to stargaze than the somewhat arbitrary method I used, combing back and forth across the sky looking for the moon.telescope

Day 32: The vending machine fairy

Today I performed another random act of kindness. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been inspired by the kindness movement and I would like to do at least one act of kindness as my 1 thing new, every week. I find it gratifying to think I may be bringing a little moment of happiness into someone’s day, no matter how small and insignificant it may be.

And today’s 1 thing new was rather small and insignificant. There is a vending machine on the ground floor in our office building, dispensing chocolate bars and soft drink. I put $2 in the vending machine, so the next person to use it would get a free snack. Any number of people have access to the machine, from people I work with to employees and customers of the other businesses in the building. There is virtually no chance of knowing who benefited from my act of kindness, and it is just as unlikely they will find out I am their benefactor, but I hope getting a free snack brought a bit of joy to someone. I know I always feel lucky when something good and unexpected happens to me.

Have you benefited from a random act of kindness lately? Or maybe you committed one? Tell me all about your experience in the comments.

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