Week 3: BBQs, Facebook and Acts of Kindness

By week 3 you’d have thought I’d be getting into a bit of a routine but I’m sorry to say that I’m just not that organised. Most days this week it’s been gone lunchtime before I have come up with that day’s 1 thing new. Hey, maybe being organised could be one of my things – no, I vaguely recall being a fairly organised person prior to becoming a mother…or was that someone else?

Me at the BBQ
Me at the BBQ

Anyway, I kicked off this week’s new experiences by cooking dinner on the BBQ. It’s strange to think I’ve never barbecued before considering I do most (read all) of the cooking in our house. Unless of course, the cooking is done on the BBQ, then hubby suddenly becomes the culinary master (in his own mind anyway!)

Just as I was about to light the BBQ it started to rain, but did I let that stop me? Hell no! So now not only have I cooked on the barbie, I’ve done it in the rain! I don’t know why men (apologies for the generalisation) make such a fuss about it, actually. A gas BBQ is really no different than a gas cooker – except it is outside and doesn’t have a range hood (ours doesn’t anyway). But at least I can now say, I have cooked on the BBQ – and in the rain.

On Monday I started a Facebook page and invited all my friends to like it. This thing is by far the scariest one I have done this year. As an avid and enthusiastic Facebook user, setting up the page was fairly simple. Inviting every one of my Facebook friends to like the page however, was particularly daunting, especially as many of them are work colleagues. But as Neale Donald Walsh said ‘life begins at the end of your comfort zone’. I don’t know who Neale Donald Walsh is, but I like his quote and it’s a sentiment that seems to be echoed by the popular press, life coaches and self-help literature!

Yesterday, on the 17th day of my 1 thing new challenge, I stumbled upon the kindness movement. There is a large online community of people, (well it’s more like lots of different communities) attempting to spread a little kindness. A simple Google search of ‘acts of kindness’ brings up more than 23 million results, a number of which include lists of simple kind acts anyone can do.

It was while reading one such list on Brad Aronson’s blog that I came across day 17’s one thing new. A website called Send Kids the World encourages people from all over the globe to send a postcard to a child suffering from a serious illness. Send Kids the World is a charitable organization which provides information on participating families so you can drop them a brief line. The site is free to use – the only cost I incurred was for the postcard and postage. I feel a great sense of pleasure knowing my simple act of sending a postcard will bring a ray of joy to a little boy and his family at this difficult time in their lives. If you would like to send a postcard yourself, please go to the Send Kids the World website and choose a child to write to. Remember to keep hit short, and light.

Send kids the world postcard

Keeping with the theme of spreading the love, I bought a coffee for a stranger today (day 18). This is another popular kind act I found on Google. You know how good you feel when something unexpected and nice comes your way? Well I thought surprising a random stranger with a free coffee might just make their day, and the thought of being the source of someone’s good fortune (even something as minor as a free coffee) made mine.


Since buying a coffee for a stranger this morning, I discovered there are a cafés (predominantly in Europe) that offer suspended coffees on their menu. I had never heard of this concept, and don’t know of anywhere on the Gold Coast that serves suspended coffees. A suspended coffee is a coffee purchased for a someone who cannot afford one themselves. Originating in Naples (according to Google) by ordering a caffé sospeso you pay for an extra coffee which the barrista can later give to someone free of charge. While I doubt my 1 thing new today helped someone who couldn’t afford a coffee, I still take pleasure in the idea that my simple kindness would have made someone happy.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on my project. Leave a comment if you feel so inclined.


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