Day 7: Reach out to a stranger

I don’t know how you feel, but I miss getting letters in the post. My parents emigrated when I was young, so we regularly received letters and parcels from family and friends overseas. Now with the prevalence of email and social media it seems the only things I find in my letterbox are bills and marketing material.  So when I stumbled across Postcrossing recently I couldn’t wait to sign up for it.

Postcrossing is an online initiative that enables users to send and receive postcards from across the globe. The service currently has 662,031 members across 212 countries, so it has a truly international flavour. Postcrossing is a free service – all you need to join is an email and postal address. Once you have signed up you simply select ‘send a postcard’ and you are given another member’s address to send your postcard to. The cool thing about it is that members are selected at random and return addresses are not provided, so privacy is not an issue. Then once you have sent your postcard, just sit back and wait to receive your own postcard.

If you are looking for a penpal, the website does give an option to send your address to the recipient of the postcard. Personally, I prefer not to do that. The appeal for me is in sending and receiving a postcard from a complete stranger with no strings attached.

Do you receive lots of letters in the post? Do you have a penpal? Have you used Postcrossing to send and receive postcards? Whatever your story, I’d love to hear from you. I’ll post an update when I receive a postcard myself.


  1. I’ve been a postcrosser for more than 5 years now and it was one of the best things that I’ve discovered so far. I’ve learned a lot about people, countries, cultures and the world above all through postcrossing. 😀 It’s interesting having friends from every corner of the world. I guarantee you that you’ll love it! Wish you all the best! 😉

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